While it has taken some time, over the last few months I have managed to ALMOST bring School Spirit back up to date and backfilled the missing strips. This process is almost complete, which is almost just in time as the 1500th strip is due to make its appearance on October 28th.

I decided to use this story arc leading up to the milestone strip looking back with the kids on where they came from all those years ago, and a little bit on how they’ve changed or developed since then. While at the time of writing this the strip is still five strips behind today’s date, it is likely that I will update twice today. That will give me the same number of days remaining to the milestone as I have strips remaining to catch up.

Either that, or I’ll put a second strip up every day or so until the days catch up and return to the three updates a week schedule again before the milestone arrives. All depends on how quickly I can get these last ones ready and whether I’m called into work regularly or not, I suppose!

In short, check back every day or so and click back once or twice through the archive in case you’ve missed anything!

Here’s to 1500 School Spirits!