Just to get into the Christmas (School) Spirit, I thought I might open up School Spirit for any of you out there who are reading it to contribute in another way, if the fancy takes you.

Just putting it out there, but… if you have your own idea for a Christmas (or summery holidayey) themed strip and want to try your hand drawing one up, GO FOR IT! Send your piece to schoolspiritmail AT yahoo.com.au and I’ll put it up during the End Of Year Series from December 18th, on the days the strip doesn’t usually update. Don’t be worried if you’re not a great drawer, or haven’t got software to produce something! Send in whatever you can create! I don’t care if it’s a scanned coloured pencil picture you got your kid to draw on a piece of lined paper ripped out of their grade three homework book or something! Email one through and we’ll put it up through the last fortnight or so of December. Your name! Your strip! Up for all to see!

I also find it pretty awesome to see the kids drawn by other people, so yes, I get a big kick out of it too!

And… if you don’t want to… that’s fine, too! Keep reading!

Oh… End Of Year Report Strip is waiting for comments about this years’ School Spirit from you people too! So if you wish you could send them in at the same time!