Brylcreem, School SpiritLast week, in the weekly podcast The Dish, the folks at School Spirit’s previous hosting site, Comic Dish, did a fairly in depth review of the strip. It was a very pleasant surprise to see it featured, and personally I believe it’s by far the most in depth, detailed and even handed attention the strip has ever attracted. While, granted, the three presenters didn’t manage to read the entire archive, I have to cut them a bit of slack considering there are over 1000 individual strips in the archive. That said, I got the impression that they realised the intent of School Spirit and what it was trying to accomplish without being what would probably be considered your regular internet webcomic.

The ears were a big point of discussion, as you’d probably expect. To me they just look part of the School Spirit kids’ faces now and I couldn’t see them any other way, but for those stepping in for the first time, yep, they’re fairly prominent! They did strike on the idea that only the younger kids have the large ears and those considered ‘older’ seem to have grown into them. Very, very close, actually.

Interestingly, if you listen in, you’ll hear where they occasionally request contact be made in return to explain certain aspects of the strip, particularly in regards to the artistic choices and certain other factors. When I get a spare half hour I’ll be sending them a few notes that might just answer some of the questions they had. We might just be hearing something more on School Spirit in a future episode if they decide to return to the review with the explanations. Couldn’t hurt, eh?

Anyway, if you’re interested, have a listen into the review and the podcast as a whole. The review starts about a third of the way in, and takes about a third of the time to run through. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their efforts and understanding of what the strip’s purpose is. Clearly it’s not your regular internet webcomic with the content and unassuming direction we try to put into it, but they recognised that and treated it very respectfully. Thank you.

The School Spirit Dish Review

Give it a listen! Also, leave your own comments about the review too if you have the time. We’re more than interested to hear whether you agree or disagree with anything they’ve brought up!