The comic has fallen behind in recent weeks as my teaching term has been full and I have also been able to take part in a few week-long camp programs as well. So for now, as of today, the entire Autumn story arc has been completed and the final six strips uploaded all at once. Perhaps re-read the entire arc from the first strip to catch up on the final six.

I am away on another camp week tomorrow, so again, updates will have to wait until next weekend. I am aiming to have them updating every day or so to catch up on the final missing strips in time for this year’s Birthday Week on June 12.

Like last year, if you are willing to participate and contribute to School Spirit during this year’s Birthday Week, School Spirit’s 11th, draw up some School Spirit fan art or a strip of your own and send it in! It’s always great to have reader contributed pieces to put up through the Birthday Week and have remain in the archive for all to see.

Just send something in if the offer interests you!

See you soon!