Comixpedia, 2005 – September, 2005, and Comixpedia featured a review of School Spirit, shortly after it reached it’s two year anniversary.

Casual Notes, 2006 – March, 2006, a review from a small review site that is part of another webcomic, a few months shy of School Spirit’s third anniversary.

Aarin’s Webcomic Reviews, 2007 – From May, 2007, and a reviewer from a more lowest denominator style of humour than School Spirit happens to be.

Mundane Circus Live Journal Review, 2007 – June, 2007, and School Spirit was chosen to be the first webcomic reviewed at the Mundane Circus. It helps that the author is a long-time reader!

Wednesday Webcomic Weview, 2007 – The third of a flurry of sudden reviews for School Spirit through the middle of 2007.

Comic Genesis, 2011 – From 2011’s Webcomic Above thread, where each person read and gave a critique of the webcomic belonging to the person above them.