G’day and welcome. Here you’ll find all our mates from across the rest of the internet. These are the websites and comics that have something to do with School Spirit or who’s company we just enjoy regardless. Please note though that only websites we think suit the content and general rating standards of School Spirit will be found here. If they’re naughty kids, they won’t be part of our Schoolmates!

Webcomic Hosts and Sites -
Spiderforest - A Webcomic Collective
School Spirit is part of the Spiderforest Collective, and the Collective also hosts the comic on its server, for which we are highly grateful.

Another webcomic hosting site, Comic Dish was home to School Spirit for about two years until the middle of 2009. It is a friendly place to visit and the forums are usually active.

Family WebcomicsSchool Spirit is one of the original members accepted into Family Webcomics, a portal to a growing range of family friendly comic strips.

Other Webcomics of Interest -

An interesting and very well put together story of a boy and his dog in the land of dreams. A fellow Spiderforest comic and well worth a read.

Another fellow Spiderforest comic, Life’s A Witch is almost a journal comic, once you look past the main character being a witch and her best friend is the tooth fairy. Quite a fun, happy strip.

Cooties is a fellow Spiderforest strip and is the story of little American school kids facing off an alien invasion linked to the latest computer game. Quite clever and fun and appropriate for everyone.

The Best Of What’s Left is a brightly coloured adventure strip that reminds me of a computer adventure game from the 80s in it’s art style. A ruined world with a paladin journeying through it, and talking clouds. A good friend of School Spirit.

Please note that School Spirit does not participate in link exchanges, mainly due to trying to keep the offsite content the comic links to a relative match to the general content of School Spirit itself. If kids are reading this, we don’t really want them following a link that will cause us to get angry emails from their mums, eh?

If you wish School Spirit to link to you and you believe your content is safe for us to do so, make contact with us. If we enjoy your work and agree with its content, it may end up here with our other Schoolmates.

While we might be picky with who we link to because of the reasons stated above, that doesn’t mean we’re picky with you linking us!

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