Here we are, the start of School Spirit’s eighth year. Thank you again to everyone who’s read School Spirit through once or thrice over the years, and everyone who contributed to last week’s Birthday Week with reader art. Back into School Spirit strips once again.

Going to be trying a few different, minor things from here on, some you might notice, many you hopefully won’t! For one point, I think this is the first time any of the kids have actually interacted with a parent figure, although Miss Conway may have been seen talking to Cody’s mum on the phone once. You lot could probably confirm that or not. I still don’t have plans to actually ‘show’ any parents in the strip, but maybe just calling back to them is okay for now.

This storyline is one that only came to me suddenly after watching kids play netball in the rain. Some kids just refuse to be cold, or wear long pants, or register rain, etc. Like Casper here. I tried to show him cold and scrawny and all ribs in that second panel, but it didn’t quite come off. I’m sure a lot of you people have stories or pictures of kids running madly through the rain or wearing summer clothing in the middle of snow, etc, haven’t you?

Share some pictures or stories!