Welcome to the beginning of School Spirit’s 100th story arc! Not a bad effort, even if I did only realise it the other day when I decided to count them up!

It’s funny how numbers like this can gather together. Last week it was both the eight anniversary week which coincided with the 100th Special strip, and here we are with the next story arc and it’s the 100th of those too. Couldn’t have planned it better had I tried, eh?

Okay… onto the real stuff. I’m not sure a bus driver could do this any more, but I do remember kids getting kicked off the school bus on the way home when I was a kid. They had to walk a kilometre or two home down the country roads because they occasionally gave the bus driver a mouthful. Probably cost Mavis her job in the real world now though.

You know… if anyone had the guts enough to take her on!

Catch you as you read this hundred storyline, eh?