Oh no! The same outfit!!

Here is the first of the ‘real’ new strips, I suppose. The last one was just the nostalgic ‘reflective’ piece at the start of each year. This storyline is somewhat longer than originally intended. So much for a 10 strip arc – this one is past that number already and may reach 20 to 25 before it’s over. But… it’s been fun to work on, so that’s fine.

If you haven’t wandered across yet, check out the School Spirit blog (about the comic as well as more general teaching and real life anecdotes) I’ve recently started up again. I wrote about my prize winning local show drawings recently, and I’ll be putting up various bits and pieces about the strip from time to time as well. Give it a look. It might give you some background information about what goes on in my head and therefore the School Spirit world. I’ll get around to putting a proper link to it on the site here soon.

Spread the word! We’re taking School Spirit to the world this year.

Well… if the World will let us, of course!