I’m still on school camp all week, but finishing up tomorrow. Have you been beating on those little social media buttons below the strip news posts for me while I’ve been away? If not, no worries, but you could start now, eh? See if a few people wander this way and have a look at the strip.

I’ll be back Friday nightish to respond to any comments, too.


Right, over the last few weeks, the Spiderforest Collective (of which School Spirit is a card carrying member!) brought a range of new comics into its fold, so here is the umbrella plug for all of them! You know, unless I miss one here, and in which case I am very sorry!

In no specific order, welcome to and have a look at ‘Dark White‘, ‘Gods of the Game‘, ‘Spine‘, ‘Ley Lines‘, ‘Footloose‘, ‘LaSalle’s Legacy‘ and ‘Silent Pirate‘. They are all mainly story-driven graphic novel styled strips, many dealing in fantasy of sorts, except for Silent Pirate, which joins School Spirit in the ‘fun little strip anyone can have a chuckle at’ category.