Back at work this week. First day back yesterday and spent it photocopying lots of stuff and trying not to be seen photocopying lots of stuff! A professional development day today, and the kids come back for their first day of the year tomorrow.

And then it’s the weekend!

I always remember jumping into a school camp pool with one of my grade four boys years ago, and this water had come from the creek down the hill. It was pumped straight in, so it was still greeny and smelled of eucalyptus. And it was cold!

We both jumped in, came spluttering and gasping to the surface again, looked at each other and came to the silent agreement ‘bugger this for a game of soldiers!’ and scampered back out again! Never forget that feeling of our chests feeling as though they had turned inside out!

This is sort of what’s going on here. Although I’m not quite happy with how poor old Casper turned out!