Happy New Year to everybody! Welcome to another year of School Spirit! At this stage I’ve been slowly building up a buffer of strips once again while the holidays are here, so with a bit of luck and persistence there will be many, many regular updates for quite a while now.

As for the strips I missed through the last few months of 2015, well I’ll work on filling those once there are enough strips built up to be able to take a step back from the current ones.

There seems to be an issue with WordPress for me too, at the moment. The Dashboard page doesn’t load, so it’s proving tricky to easily get strips updated although it’s getting done. WordPress doesn’t seem to have any place to contact people for help though, so at the moment I’m at a brick wall. If anybody knows how I could resolve the issue, by all means get in touch and help me fix this up!

Otherwise, enjoy 2016, everybody!