Thank you for following School Spirit throughout its tenth anniversary week. The eleventh year will kick off tomorrow with new School Spirit strips once again, but for today, one last picture.

As I said previously, my goal this year was to complete one proper pencil drawing each month this year. I almost gave it away by the end of May. Time was getting away and the inspiration wasn’t there for various reasons. Then I sat down two weekends ago to flick through various pictures and images I’d collected for references to use when drawing the School Spirit kids to see what was there.

Two hours later I had this piece done, and with only the dodgy pencil I use to sketch out the strips, not the proper pencils I use for ‘real’ drawing.

It was only meant to be a fast practice run to work on facial features and nothing more. This is why I chose to only focus on his face and shoulders rather than a full body like every other drawing I’ve done. But… it turned out particularly well that I decided it was good enough to get a showing here. It may even make the wall in the lounge room later.

Originally I was thinking of going back and drawing this picture properly at a later date to improve on it, but by the time I’d finished it, I think I’d changed my mind.

I may go back later and draw it properly in full again, but that’s for another time.

Be sure to join the kids tomorrow when the eleventh year of School Spirit kicks off!

Thanks for sharing the ride!