Here ends the Piggyback storyline, but you can probably work out that it’s leading to a longer series of sequences further on. It’s been great to hear the feedback this sequence in particular has attracted through comments, Facebook messages and emails, so that’s been fantastic to see. Keep them coming, particularly if you haven’t let us know what you thought yet!

The final storyline of the year will start next strip and will feature Jacks and Didj in a follow up to the Pet Day story. Unfortunately, that means you’ll have to wait till January to see where this sequence leads next. You can wait that long, can’t you? There’s an End Of Year Series in there to keep you reading until then!

Speaking of which, a few readers have sent comments or critiques on the past year of School Spirit to the site, and these are being worked into the End Of Year Report strip at the moment, due for mid December. It’s not too late to let us know what you thought of the year, good or bad, and we’ll try to include it in our annual strip.

Keep reading, and cheers!