Merry Christmas to everybody reading School Spirit, and a happy New Year when January 1st rolls around! Enjoy the End Of Year Series, and be ready for new School Spirit strips in 2011. The updates will remain three times a week, and the current stories will follow through as the strip moves towards #1000!

Look forward to Grace and Wendy exploring their ‘piggybacking’, Casper and Cody getting up to their own mischief, and Chastity and Jackson will probably pop up from time to time again getting on each other’s nerves. The rest of the cast will show their faces again from time to time and maybe just steal a storyline for themselves along the way.

Also, in the New Year we’ll be looking into getting this little community of ours working a bit more, trying to get some more response through the comments system and so forth. All for good, friendly fun.

So… one last question before the year finishes up! What have YOU lot go to say for the year that’s been? Eh? Yeah, we’re asking YOU! You there sitting behind your monitor not wanting to tell your friends you spend you internet time reading something as simple and light as this strip! Yeah, YOU! 😀

Cheers till next year!