Happy New Year to everybody, and welcome to School Spirit for 2011.

This year will see School Spirit reach it’s 1000th strip, and probably also it’s 100th storyline, so there are two nice, chunky little milestones to look forward to in the coming months. There are no intentions at this stage to bring in any new characters as happened last year, although those who have been reading probably already realise that Jackson and Didj were never meant to be developed characters anyway – they just turned up and wouldn’t go home!

It may appear that the current website doesn’t look the same. That is because Comic Press told me I needed to update it… it just didn’t tell me that when I did, it would overwrite the alterations in the page code to the default while it did it. The layout now needs to be put back together and the altered code rediscovered and relearned how to put it in. That will happen as time allows, which means ‘not today.’

Finally, I hope everyone who comes back again to School Spirit enjoys the honesty and light hearted fun of the strip, and also you don’t sit back in the corner so much. Take part, get involved! Leave some comments behind about strips that made you laugh, strips that made you think, strips that made you go ‘what’s the English translation of that Australian slang??’ Don’t be a stranger. We don’t expect you to shout the next round of lollyroos, but at least give the kids a wave, eh?