Here it is. This year’s End Of Year Report Strip! Thank you to everybody who contributed comments used in this strip – even if you didn’t realise you’d done so! I went through a few forums and other things from throughout the year and gathered a few more bits and pieces to use here as well. Anyone recognise their own comments? I particularly agree with the fact that the kids have grown this year. I think 2011 was a major year for several of the characters in the strip – Grace, Wendy, Chastity and Jackson in particular, although the regulars like Casper and Cody have not gone without. They wouldn’t let me let them. Well… Cody wouldn’t.

Next up will be the End Of Year Excursion strip, which I’m hoping to get drawn up and finished in time for Thursday although I have the Grade 6 Graduation dinner tonight, and an indoor cricket game on Wednesday night… so I’m not sure how I’ll go! I have the idea, I just need the time and another drawing book to put it in! I’ll see what I can do.

Till then, cheers!