This year for an end of year excursion we took the whole school on a trip down to the Prom, or Wilson’s Promontory for you lot unfamiliar with awesome locations in Victoria. While we didn’t take the kids swimming due to a cooler summer’s day than we’d have liked, and a complete lack of teachers trained to actually swim with kids in the ocean, the little buggers did run wild across the beach and at one point were probably spread over a square kilometre of beach front splashing in the waves. We sent the teenage son of a staff member who came with us off running after them to round them up.

Then we walked them promptly back to the bus and went home!

But enough of that! Swimming between the flags… it means that beach is patrolled by life guards and is safe.

Well, safe as in no rips or currents that might drag you out into Bass Strait and take you to Tasmania, anyway. Always swim between the flags!