Last week we showed you the very first, original School Spirit webcomic strip, as drawn in felt tip pen ink straight to half of a piece of A4 printer paper. No sketching first or any real preparation other than we had an idea for a comic and down it went on paper. The picture of Casper in that first panel was the first time he was ever drawn. This week, we’re unveiling the other four original School Spirit strips, previously unseen.

School Spirit, original webcomic strip, number twoAnd here is strip two.  Mavis makes her first appearance. I think she was always meant to be a woman… just… big and mean and tough and scary. The last panel was the only one really altered in the remastered second strip.

School Spirit, original webcomic strip, number threeOnly the final panel in the third strip remained much the same in the official version, although the story of the strip remained the same. Cody’s hair seems a little wrong looking back now!

School Spirit, original webcomic strip, number fourThe fourth strip remained almost identical, except even from that early stage it became clear to us that Cody just wouldn’t be sitting still for long, so in the official version, he ended up playing with a toy plane. He probably lost it later that day.

School Spirit, original webcomic strip, number fiveThis, the fifth strip, is the last drawn straight to paper before they were redone officially with the process still used now. Again, little of this strip was altered apart from hopefully being drawn better!

So there we have the original five strips ever drawn for School Spirit, until now never shown beyond our own monitors. Hopefully it proves of at least a little interest to some of you reading School Spirit, to see how the strip has developed since the second half of 2003. These strips never made the website, even in the earliest days. They were all redrawn about four times as large in much the same process as used now. Next week, we will begin to display the current process of how School Spirit is produced. If you find yourself wondering about anything to do with the production of the strip, be sure to leave a comment and a question.

Till then, cheers!