Brylcreem closes the year on his own!

Welcome to the final regular School Spirit strip of the year! Thursday’s update will see the commencement of this year’s End Of Year Series, running till the end of December. New regular School Spirit strips will begin once more on New Year’

If you would like to contribute some seasonal (Christmas or just plain summer) reader art for this year’s End Of Year Series, you can send them to schoolspiritmail (at) yahoo.com.au and I’ll put them onto the School Spirit template and put them up during the last two weeks of December. If you were interested in sending in commentary for this year’s End Of Year Report Strip, unfortunately time has slipped away. There were no responses, so I’ve gone ahead and made this year’s edition any way. It will go up on Thursday.

Finally, if you would like to become a contributing patron of School Spirit and flick a few dollars the way of the kids, have a look at School Spirit’s Patreon page. A few dollars a month gets your name and website into the Links section under School Spirit Patrons (which will be implemented at the beginning of next year) or even access to behind the scenes bits and peices, or even collections of the archive I’m releasing as full-sized images. Stuff like that.