It’s Boxing Day, and that means the first day of the Boxing Day Test match at the MCG in Melbourne. This year, the Old Enemy, the English, have returned to play for the Ashes, a small urn said to contain the ashes of a bail from a stump that was cremated to recognise the death of English cricket in 1888 when Australia beat them at their own game. Now, the urn is played for every two years. They have it… we want it back!

At one match all and a draw, we need to win the five match series to take the Ashes back, which means at least one win and a draw from these last two matches. We’ll be at the cricket ground today to watch the first day’s play. I’d like to think, just maybe, the Soldier will be there as well. He may have fought alongside the British, but this is the Ashes.

The Old Enemy has returned.