This is a personal one.

It’s now one year since Black Saturday, Australia’s worst natural disaster when bushfires across Victoria killed 173 people and destroyed hundreds of homes. Fortunately my house little community was spared when three CFA firetrucks basically made a fortress out of our little corner of the bush, but unfortunately that meant the outlying area had to be left to the mercy of the fire.

Just about every house was razed, including our family home, and we lost 9 people from our community, as well as 2 a nearby town closer to the ignition point. Currently the trial is still progressing in regards to the person charged with the arson that started it.

Today, it’s one year on, and there’s now a nice little memorial at the bottom of the hill here of a phoenix made of sheet metal, designed and created by a few locals. It’s a nice little commemoration for those people we lost and the damage our community and countryside endured.

We’re still here though, and eventually the houses will be rebuilt, but for now, this is probably the last you’ll see of it in the School Spirit archives.

We know it happened, we’ll remember it quietly as is our way down here.