Nine years today since the kids were officially unleashed upon the world via the internet in the form of this comic strip. Like last year, School Spirit is still my first and only webcomic. Nice to say it’s still chuffing along in it’s own race quite comfortably at the moment.

The inspiration for this particular strip, and this particular anniversary, is a short piece I wrote through university for a writing unit. I think it was part of my Humanities degree (which naturally I’ve never used), but it worked well alongside my education degree, meaning that, if I wished, I could teach English and History in high schools up to Year 10. Why I would want to set foot in a high school is another matter! Anyway, the piece was about a young boy and the recurring theme were the insights into all the things you did and didn’t do… when you were nine.

I thought it a fitting link into today’s School Spirit anniversary piece. I have no doubt several seeds of School Spirit were sprouting back then in the late 90s through pieces like that. A few times I’ve even toyed with the idea of translating the short story into a short graphic novel style strip of its own, but I’ve yet to act on it. Maybe. There might be interest in it, eh? I might dig it out and give it another read. See if it’s worthy or not.

Anyway, for the rest of the week you will get the chance to see either guest art sent in by some of the readers of School Spirit (depending how many of you have pulled out the crayons and had a scribble!) or maybe I’ll dig out some of the ‘real’ drawings I’ve done during the recent year and put them up throughout the week as well. Undecided just yet, but rock up each day to see what else pops up.

Oh, and let as many people as you think might be interested know the kids have turned nine! I always tell the kids it’s a magic number. It’s that last, final year before you reach the mythical ‘double figures’… and from there you sort of realise you’re growing up and there’s no way back. Nine is that last, magical year of truly being a kid, eh?