Eight years old today. Not counting the nine moths gestation period from October, 2003 hidden away before the original strips were officially launched in mid 2004. I’m still quite chuffed to be able to say that, after all these years, which is apparently several lifetimes in internet speak, School Spirit is still my first and only webcomic.

That must count for something, eh?

So here is a bit of a reflective look back on how the kids managed to fill up their eighth year. The rest of this week will be filled with either bits and pieces from the School Spirit scrap piles, or guest reader art from you folk out there if any comes in over the next few days. It’s not too late to send anything in to stay up in the archive under this year’s Anniversary segment, and we’d love to see it.

Otherwise, regular School Spirit strips will start again next Tuesday, and this week will update daily if possible, or at regular pace if nothing comes in! I’m still writing reports, so that’s how my last few weeks have been filled!

So sit back and enjoy the kids’ birthday week, and thanks for reading all these years!