I’m starting to feel more happy with the way Didj is looking as he appears more often through the strip. I’m trying to make him look distinctly Aboriginal besides just his darker skin, so the shape of his face and the size of his big, broad grin may change slightly as this arc moves on. His nose may broaden as well, and his body shape may become more lithe, but we’ll see.

Jackson, on the other hand – he still needs a little work. He’s smaller than the older boys, but his face, although narrower and smaller, still looks a little too much like Casper with a hat for me. His front teeth are beginning to become a little crooked though, so he may change slightly in appearance throughout this sequence too.


Black Tracker – Through the 19th and early 20th Century, Aboriginal people were occasionally used to locate bushrangers, missing people, lost children etc, in the bush and outback of Australia. It’s not politically incorrect if Didj is saying it, eh?