At long last, School Spirit, the webcomic strip itself, has reached the same age as the two principle boys in the cast! Eleven years old, since it first officially launched back in 2004. Okay, we were publishing the early strips online quietly since October 2003, but no one knew about it back then, so I’ve never counted those months.

Call that period a gestation before School Spirit popped out and the doctor smacked it on the bum.

Thanks for reading for so long, however long it has been since you’ve joined the kids on their misadventures. I’m now spending several weeks each year staying at school camps where the kids were born the same year as School Spirit. That’s starting to make me feel older, I’ll tell you that for free.

More to come though, along with one or two reader-contributed School Spirit pieces this week. I may fill the rest of the week with a few of the drawings I’ve done during the past year, much like I have the previous two Anniversary Weeks. Will see how many of you lot send pictures in, I guess!

So again, thanks for reading, all the best, here’s to eleven years and at least a few more yet!

Regular School Spirit strips will start up again most likely from Sunday, 14th June to give the Anniversary Week it’s full seven days.