Ten years. An entire decade. About 1580 strips. Not too shabby for something I didn’t want to start doing because I wouldn’t have time for it.

Thank you to everyone who has followed the kids’ misadventures (both alive and dead) over the last ten years. The School Spirit kids have finally reached double digits, and thanks for coming along for the ride.

The quote in this strip is from Cazuza, a Brazillian musician from the 80s. No, it’s not an Australian quote, but when I first heard it, I knew it related so well to School Spirit’s theme of invisible nobodies, imagination and what maybe happens just on the other side of closed eyes. I knew it was the theme for today’s tenth anniversary strip; I’ve been waiting over eighteen months now to use it!

For the first time, there have been no reader-submitted pieces of art to show off through this year’s Birthday Week, so instead, for the next six days, you’ll get the six pencil drawings I completed throughout the last year, most of them once a month since January.

As per usual, regular School Spirit strips will recommence next Thursday once the Birthday Week concludes.

Cheers, and enjoy the ride!