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A quiet kid, Casper is curious about the world around him but not reckless, and tends to be missed in a crowd of more than three. He is fast friends with Cody, and the two are often to be found getting into mischief.

The unassuming hero of School Spirit.

First appearance: SS-001


Casper's self-appointed best friend. Cheeky, curious and excitable, Cody is easily influenced and easily distracted. He's a rough diamond with a heart of gold.

The swashbuckling foil to Casper's more cautious approach to life.

First appearance: SS-003


Rough around the edges, Grace could probably handle herself competently in any school yard brawl. She'd be called a tomboy if she didn't belt anyone who tried.

She is Cody's moderating influence, if that could be thought a good thing.

First appearance: SS-015


Short, thin, glasses and a complexion that makes a sheet of paper look suntanned, Brylcreem is named for his habit of slicking his hair into place. Clever and a hard worker, he always strives for the best.

This has earned him the distrust of Cody.

First appearance: SS-003


A girl of about twelve, Wendy is one of the spirits in the cemetery next door to the school. Cheeky and fun loving, she seems to have attached herself to the two boys.

The Spirit of School Spirit.

First appearance: SS-032

First real appearance: SS-050

Old Bill

The second spirit encountered in the cemetery, Old Bill keeps the grounds neat and tidy with his trusty ghost Victa lawnmower.

A kindly, grandfatherly figure of sorts who proves you don't have to stop living just because you're dead.

First appearance: SS-104

The Soldier

A member of the Australian Light Horse, the Soldier saw action in World War One but didn't survive to return home alive. He may have been present at places like Gallipoli, but he keeps his stories to himself.

Quiet, thoughtful, and still with some mystery surrounding his history.

First appearance: SS-231


A grumpy, lonely and generally bad-tempered resident of the cemetery, he generally keeps to himself or attempts to scare people off in the hope he will be left alone. The other spirits tolerate him in a friendly sort of manner.

The old bloke living down the road who yells at you when you ride past on your bike.

First appearance: SS-267


The elite of the school ground. Chastity is supreme in her position amongst the children. The common activities of her peers are generally well below her nose to be of interest to her, especially the interest of Casper.

The Schoolyard Beauty.

First appearance: SS-085

Liberty and Pandora

The sisters, blond haired Liberty and dark haired Pandora, are Chastity's (usually) doting fair weather best friends. Part of the (self-appointed) glamourous elite of the school ground, they still aren't above the odd cat fight.

Probably there to make Chastity feel better about herself.

First appearance: SS-085

Miss Conway

The kids' teacher, Miss Conway can control the room with only a gesture and rarely loses her cool. Admired by half of the grade and cautiously adored by the rest.

In a battle of wills, the best you could hope for would be a gallant defeat.

First appearance: SS-007

Mr Kelly

The principal of the primary school, old Mr Kelly is also Grace's grandfather. A kindly old gentleman, he seems to still enjoy his job despite his growing age.

A sharp old coot when the Altzheimers doesn't kick in.

First appearance: SS-087


The bus driver. The terror of the bus kids. Built like a brick dunny, there is a rumour she either drives demolition derby at night, or doubles as a hydraulic jack in a truck repair shop.

Feared by all, except Miss Conway.

First appearance: SS-002

Davey Jones

The class troublemaker. The kid who always seems to turn up grubby and messy, yet beneath the grime and the attraction to trouble is a decent kid. Often to be seen wearing a hat.

A rough-nut who seems to be in a continual battle with Grace.

First appearance: SS-002