G’day and happy New Year!

There are a few cosmetic changes to School Spirit today with the start of 2015. The website received a minor tweak yesterday to tidy it up; one sidebar on the left instead of two now, and a few bits and pieces moved around. A few changes to the links page, and other things removed because they were now obsolete. I still intend to finally put together the archive page linked above the strip, but I ran out of time yesterday to sit down and gather it all together into some sort of order.

As mentioned briefly late last year, I have constructed a Patreon page for School Spirit. This is a page where, if you are so inclined, you may pledge a few dollars a month towards the strip and become a School Spirit Patron. While the comic strip will still be on this main page as normal, free of charge, for your small voluntary donation there are a few extra perks tied to the Patreon page. These are things such as a forum where I’ll be posting relevant School Spirit ideas, sketches, or just chatter from time to time, and full sized versions of any wallpapers or Special strips that appear on this site as well. In some cases I am also intending to offer several story arcs’ worth at a time of full-sized strips in bundles. I’ve been working on resizing the entire archive to full resolution strips in preparation for possible future publication, and this seemed like an ideal place to offer them in smaller batches. There’s a link in the sidebar now, too.

Again, I stress that not becoming a Patron will not penalise you from reading School Spirit free of charge, as it will still update on this page, and not there. It’s just an option for those who would like to flip a few dollars the kids’ way each month for the pleasure of reading their adventures!

Any further news about publication (which is still a floating idea rather than anything specific yet!) will come throughout the year if it begins to materialise. Beyond that, the only real plans for School Spirit is to continue on and pass 1600 strips in the second half of the year and celebrate the eleventh birthday in June! That, and finally a few of the story ideas fleshed out vaguely up to three or four years ago will get a chance to unfold! Such as the first arc of the year dealing with… what the boys go searching for.

Thank you for reading School Spirit, and joining the kids for another year! Hope to hear from you often!

Happy New Year!