It’s that time of year… teachers are writing end of year reports, so here at School Spirit I do too. Well… you lot do, and I take your words and try to put them into an End Of Year Report strip! So… if you wish, here are a few ideas to critique upon, and you can fire your ideas or commentary across to us via the email address under the contact button up there. It may appear in the bottom left corner of your screen instead of changing pages.

Possible things to comment on:

– Stand out events of the year? Anything the kids did that made you laugh, made you cry, made you pull that face you pull when you see a kid doing something fair dinkum dumb and you just wonder why. Stuff like that.

– Anything about the art work of the strip this year.

– Possible story lines or characters you would like to hear about in the future. If you have a good idea and I can work a story around it, I’m always up for material!

– Anything else you may think the kids would like to hear about!

So have at it! Fire off an email and let School Spirit know (as seriously or as tongue in cheek as you wish!) what you think of the comic strip!

At this stage I’m looking to have the End Of Year Strip published around December 18th or maybe 21st. So… send them in by a few days earlier so I’ve got time to put something together!