Yes, I’m off to a week of camp yet again, but this time I’m only getting paid for two days instead of five. Instead, I’ve been going down there and getting trained up and ticked off to qualify to take their activities, so now if they need someone for a single day or two, I can, so far, take archery, zip wire and hut building. I’m hoping to get a few more activities knocked over this week, and they’re technically hiring me for two days already, so I’ll be out for the week. No, I don’t get a full week’s pay, but they will give me free room and board, so I’ll generally save money for the week anyway!

As such, there will not be daily updates to continue catching up with the backlog. There will be the final strip of the Chasing Grace story arc on Monday, and after that, there will not be an update till Friday afternoon at the earliest. After that, hopefully the strip will update daily until I finally catch up in the last few days of October.

Keep your eyes out for a possible double update during that week so I can land the 1500th strip on the correct day.

Until then…