Besides getting documentation ready and remembering to actually practice the trombone parts in preparation for my trip to Japan and China at the end of the month with our local youth band on it’s tour, a few other bits and pieces popped up. Namely, this week and last week have been five day camps where I’ve been away from home throughout each week. This previous weekend, right between both camps, I’ve had to wash, dry, and repack my clothes, bedding and other bits and pieces for camp again, while also trying to get everything set up here for School Spirit’s tenth anniversary on June 12th.

Well, I managed to get the entire Birthday Week prepared and set up to run without me, but I only managed to get two of the last four strips for the Solder’s Joy story arc completed. I decided the Birthday Week was more important in the long run, so I made that my priority. The next update, the beginning of the 10th Anniversary, will therefore update on Thursday. June 12th, leaving a gap for now of a few days.

That does mean, though, that at this stage the Soldier’s Joy is incomplete, and the Birthday Week will start before it concludes. I’ll update the final two strips after the Birthday Week concludes and just slide them into their proper place. Yes, readers such as yourself will have to click back to find them once I put them up, but time restraints meant that was the best I could manage. There were two or three unintended nana naps during the weekend too…

So never fear, you’ll learn how the Soldier’s Dance concludes before too long!

Catch you at the end of the week once the 10th Anniversary week is in full swing!