You may have noticed that School Spirit was inaccessible for a few days recently. The host collective, Spiderforest, underwent some maintenance or something along those lines, which was the original reason School Spirit was down for a little while. Upon returning to operations, though, there was a plug-in issue on the comic site itself requiring FTP access for me to remove and repair. Unfortunately it has been YEARS since I last used FTP to handle the site, and I have since changed email addresses a few times. This meant I no longer had my password or login to access the FTP pages, and we had to hunt those down through the collective!

But… all fixed now! School Spirit is back up and operational with a new story arc, Chicken Chaser, that will see us through until just after Easter if I’ve followed the calendar correctly. The Easter holidays have now begun down here as well, so that should mean more time to get some backlog strips up each day or so to fill in the last outstanding strips.

Cheers, and thanks for your patience and readership once again!