It has been years and years since I last played in a community band of any sort outside of primary school concert bands and so forth. In fact, it was well known to just about everybody who was interested in whatever part music would play in my career that I had no intention of returning to any bands of any sort pretty well ever.

But… a friend called me up before Christmas and gave me an offer I really couldn’t refuse.

The local Youth Band has been reincarnated after five years or so of obsoletion. My mate is now in charge of it all, and he asked if I would be interested in joining and being a mentor for the kids involved. I say kids, but they’re between 13 and 21, I believe. The kicker in the deal was a trip to Japan and China in May and June to perform. So yeah, I caved and said yes!

We had our first rehearsal last night and it was my first chance to see the kids who had joined up.

I was pleasantly surprised to see almost a quarter of them were kids I had previously taught through primary school already, several of whom it was myself who first handed them their instrument that they are now playing in the Youth Band. I’m claiming partial, if not full, credit for that!

It was great to catch up with some of them too. I hadn’t seen any of them for probably five years or so now. It’s going to be fantastic to work with them once again after all these years.

As one of their parents’ pointed out to me with an encouraging amount of excitement, ‘we’ve got the band back together!’

Now I just have to remember how to play the trombone again, how to regain my breath and embouchure, and what bloody position are those Fs and F#s above the stave??

Time to get it out regularly again and try to catch up with the kids, I suppose!