It’s been a lengthy, unintentional but absolutely necessary hiatus for School Spirit lately. Twenty two strips or so worth, in fact. But the good news is, the kids are back!

I’ve decided to change the process of catching the archive up again this time around. At this stage I’ll not be adding the last two strips of the previous storyline, or the two following storylines straight away. Instead, I’m starting with the End Of Year Series for 2013. I’ve decided to take this approach so I can update three times a week as before while the End Of Year Series sees us through to the New Year, but in the meantime I can also work on the missing story lines. Once each story line is complete, I will update them in a single chunk each and let you know the new arc is ready.

With a bit of luck, at least one of these missing arcs (and the final two strips from the Wendy’s Call arc) will be in place before the New Year comes around. From the beginning of 2014, new story lines will continue as would be usual, with the final missing story line of 2013 uploaded when it is completed.

Whatever the first arc of 2014 happens to be, it will unlikely be a follow on from the end of 2013, as those aren’t completed yet, but I don’t see that being much of an issue.

So thank you to everybody who stuck it out during the lengthy break. Your patience and loyalty is definitely appreciated! I hope to hear from many of you in the near future as you read up on the continuing misadventures of my favourite cartoon kids!