Over the last four or five days I’ve managed to get a strip up a day and beginning to catch the archive up again. At this stage it’s about two weeks behind, and will take about ten strips over ten days or so to catch up with itself again. Unfortunately… there won’t be a new one for the next day or so.

For three reasons.

The first one… I think I left my only sharpener at work in my bag, and I’m not drawing the kids with a smudgy blunt grey lead!

Second reason… tomorrow, when I bring back my sharpener from work, I’ll be playing indoor cricket tomorrow night, so there won’t be any drawing!

And the third reason… and the best… I’ve just spent tonight outside with the telescope watching the Moon, Venus and the stars. Screwed my new camera onto the bugger, aimed it at the Southern Cross and Scorpio’s tail and Sagitarrius crossing the Milky Way and experimented with the long exposure settings. Woo! Lots and lots of stars caught on my own camera!!

Now… if only I can work out how to get them a little crisper!

But there… that’s why there was no update catch up tonight, and won’t be tomorrow (Wednesday, 9th)! Cool reason, that last one, eh?

I’m looking at getting the next one up on Thursday night, so stay tuned!