As you’ve probably noted, updates have been sporadic at best lately. Term three has now concluded and I have a little more time up my sleeve to get the missing comics up on the page again. To make sure readers don’t inadvertently miss an update, I like to put late ones up a day at a time to at least give people a daily chance to see the missing ones before they fall off the front page again. That means I can get a few up to catch up over a few days and before long, they’re all done and everything is in order again.

That… won’t quite be the way it happens this time.

I’m off for a September holiday on a place (for the first time!) up to the Gold Coast in Queensland to visit some friends for a week. While I’m up there, I likely won’t be able to update as I would like. That means for that week I doubt any new missing strips will appear. I can set the dates for the strips, but as those dates have passed, if I did them in advance they’d all turn up at once and you’d likely miss some. So I’m going to try to update daily for the next four days until I leave on Thursday.

That means hopefully a week and a half of strips will go up, cutting the missing number in half.

It also means that there probably won’t be anything new on the page from then until the middle of the first week of October.

But you know I always get them filled in before too long, eh?

So here’s some permission from Mr V to bugger off for a bit and don’t worry about checking back unless you want to before early October!

I’ll see you then, if I don’t hear from you before I get in the place.

Hope the rubber bands don’t break…