Happy New Year, everybody. May the year be great for you all, even if it does come with it’s share of lows from time to time. We need those difficult periods to appreciate the good in the world, don’t we? Anyway, here’s hoping as much that can go right does, eh?

Thank you for sticking with School Spirit for another year, particularly during December when, unfortunately, School Spirit had to take a back seat for a while. As promised, 2012’s archive is complete again with every missed strip from December in place by New Year’s Eve. If you haven’t caught up on the Fasions On The Field story arc then go back and have a quick read. The End of Year Series is also now complete, so you can read that in full on the way!

The plan this year for School Spirit, at this point, is to once again fill the year with fun from the kids. Early resolutions are to utilise social media a lot more and try to get the strip seen by a broader audience. We’ll see how that goes. I’m fair dinkum dumb when it comes to social networking! There are a few story arcs that have been waiting in the wings for appropriate times to start, so maybe one or two of the major events that have been thought over will make an appearance this year. The main aim though is to once again make sure the full range of characters get their fair share of arcs. We’ll see how well that goes.

Look forward to hearing from you all through out the year. Feel free to have your opinions, thoughts and laughter heard on the site. We’ll be moving towards the ninth birthday in June, an age that I believe is one of the most important in anyone’s life. That final year before you reach double figures and realise you’re growing up.