Things moved ahead and about a little faster than I could handle these last few weeks, so I unfortunately fell behind with the Spiderforest Comic of the Week events lately. But I will remedy this now! Here are THREE great Spiderforest comics to have a look at, and hopefully stick around to read!

Firstly, Keys. This is a very neat and cleanly drawn and designed piece that starts with a retelling of an ancient legend before the relevant story begins. Pushing 80 story pages now, it is hitting its stride and looking great. The strip itself is fully operational, even if the auxiliary pages currently lead nowhere.

Secondly, Chirault. This is another brilliant looking comic that has been building it’s archive for several years. The artwork looks fantastic with watercolour effects and a soft, washed look. I don’t think I could summarise it better than the comic’s own About page, so I’ll just repeat that here:

Chirault is a fantasy webcomic, started in mid-2007 and currently updating one page every week (on Fridays). It’s about this weirdo named Kiran and this tiny kid who sits on his shoulder and tells him to do things. Sort of, anyway. There are also demons and imploding cities and the possibility of the world’s imminent demise, in roughly that order of mention. It’s a little complicated I guess.

Finally, have a look at Twilight Lady. A graphic novel styled comic featuring supernatural demonic events and a second, created  ‘personality’ that is threatening to become the dominant presence in the mind of the Twilight Lady, a god-like entity born into the world. I may not have done the strip justice with that summary, so go and give it a look yourself! Three strips a week, too!