This week’s Spiderforest Webcomic of the Week is another long form graphic style novel, this time dealing with vampires (that don’t sparkle in the sun) in what turns out to be a post apocalyptic world. Tigershark’s ‘The Only Half Saga’ was a fairly easy read for a strip that’s been going on and off since 2007, helped by the fact more than just a few pages feature silent action or even single poses. This speeds up the read through a little, although some of the time they feel a little unnecessary, but it does make up for the times when the dialogue drags on in other pages. I found that I missed important things through the story (such as the fact he is 600 years old and I completely missed the ‘interim’ centuries while I read through!) and once I got over the first chapter where Cabal looks like a buff 25 year old hotty but is apparently only 12 years old, I felt much more comfortable with the character when he ‘grew’ into his body from chapter two onwards!

This is only one of several projects Tigershark works on, but due to it having a definite M rating, and several pages featuring Magic Words and, on a few occasions, pink bits that I don’t want kids to see, I’m linking here instead her Deviant Art page instead! I’m sure you can find a link to her comics from there. Say g’day if you drop by and let her know School Spirit says ‘g’day’ too!