It’s the annual Spiderforest Comic Of The Week again, and first horse out the gate this time is KEZ’s ‘The War Of The Winds‘. KEZ has been drawing this lengthy ‘prose novel turned graphic novel with learn as you go comic skills’ since the same era that School Spirit first turned up on the scene, so she’s been at it awhile now. A fantasy world, an epic story, and all that goes with it. I’ve started reading it from go to whoa again just the other night and I’m almost through it again, so it’s not the longest read you’ll see. Some of the characters are nice and deep, and while particularly early on I felt it suffered from a lack of balance between graphic novel and prose novel, it’s a great example of how you can learn on your feet and keep running! Give it a good shot!

The War Of Winds

Another Spiderforest Comic Of The Week next… er… week!