I’m looking to include a ‘New Readers’ page for, well, new readers to look at to get an overall idea of School Spirit without having to start right from the very beginning of the archive. I have a feeling that a relatively obscure yet clearly wonderful webcomic combined with an archive well into four digits is a bit of a turn off for prospective readers to even start, so I’m looking to make a page they can look at to move towards the important story lines that give the best perspective of what School Spirit is.

And I’d like your help.

You folks are the readers, after all. I want to know from you what your favourite story arcs have been, or what story arcs you think would be important for new readers to know about without having to trawl through the entire archive first off. Please leave a comment below with a few suggestions as quickly as you can, because I’m looking to put this together sometime over the next week or so before I have to worry about teaching again in three weeks. I’m interested to know what the real readers think, so please, do take part and speak up.

The kids will appreciate it too!