Happy New Year, School Spiriters!

Welcome to another year of School Spirit fun and light hearted childhood adventure. A few things have changed over the New Year period. The strips coming up, at least the ones for January that have all been completed and hopefully the rest from now on too, look somewhat better than what has come before. A few little tweaks here and there and I think the results are looking pretty good. The kids’ world to me seems somewhat brighter and more deep and colourful in these new strips. I’m satisfied with them, so hopefully you’ll notice the changes too.

Also, I’ve restarted the School Spirit blog that used to run through 2008. The time seemed right to bring it back. Life has settled down from the huge upheavals of early 2009 on, so I’m giving it another go. There you’ll find anecdotes of my teaching and various related topics. I’m also intending to use it for more detailed behind the scenes information for the webcomic. Maybe parts of the School Spirit Musical Production will even have a place there as the year moves on. Give it a look, the link is just at the start of this paragraph. Keep coming back, too. I intend to update it fairly regularly even though the school year won’t start till February.

Now for you folk. Thanks for being part of School Spirit for so long, and I hope you all stick with the kids for another year. If you really enjoy the strips, by all means share them around! Use the social media buttons beneath each one, send them to mates via email or however you like to communicate! I’m hoping to make this year the year School Spirit rises from its slumber and gives the kids the piece of recognition they deserve. Word of mouth is a big part of that, and for that, I need you lot out there by our side. Who’s with me?

Okay, enough of that. Midnight’s just gone by. It’s time to get a glass of something not entirely pure and kick back for the rest of the night!

Happy New Year, School Spiriters!