The kids have made it. 1100 School Spirit strips! It’s been seven and a half years, but there’s another little milestone knocked over. It was only mid year that I was saying this when we reached 1000, but thank you once again to everybody who has been enjoying School Spirit over the years. Your comments, your occasional links to forums or other places, or simply your returning presence hidden in the middle of the numbers popping up in the site’s traffic count have been nice little extras to read and see on top of the fun of making this strip.

If you’re looking for other ways to catch up with various School Spirit related bits and pieces, I’ll take this opportunity to point out a few. There’s a twitter button and a Facebook button on the sides there you can use to follow the background bits and pieces to the strip. If you’re a user of Inkoutbreak, you can use the little follow box on the right there and become a fan via that. If you’re a Google+ user, then you can also look me up on there.

Other than that, anything else you wish to do (and simply continuing to read about the kids’ adventures is more than enough!) to help the kids get their faces out there in the internet world, go for it! School Spirit is probably a little too innocent and friendly to appeal anywhere near as broadly as the vast majority of webcomics out there, but we know there are audiences out there who just haven’t found us yet. Anything any of us can do to bring the kids to those eyes is more than greatly appreciated!

Lastly, from the next update, December 20th, School Spirit will return to the regular three updates a week, at least while the End Of Year Series runs until the end of the year. The End of Year Report Strip, the End of Year School Excursion, the Cast Photo Album and a few Christmas and summery strips will see us through till New Years’. After that… well, we’ll just meet you there, eh?

Cheers, and thanks for being part of the kids’ extended family.