Just putting this out there for a show of hands, or names, or… well… let’s say hands. What would the interest be from you, the reading audience, if I decided to run a bit of a contest here on the School Spirit site? You see them every now and then involving other webcomics, and more than regularly on some, but it’s always something I’ve skirted around. Probably because I get the picture that School Spirit doesn’t have the broad readership required to hold something like this successfully.

That and it means extra work on my behalf too to find some sort of ‘prize’ at the end of it! Let’s be open and honest here, eh?

So… what would the response possibly be like from you, School Spirit’s readers of the commenting and vocal variety? I’ll take ideas for both contest subjects or even prize possibilities, and even listen with an open ear to anyone who says ‘you’re kidding yourself, just give us three laughs a week and keep quiet’!