Just a quick heads up to say that a little more work has been done on the School Spirit Library, found in the links above the comic. The current entries have now had an image from the comic included within, and a third entry has been added. Long time readers may remember an early strip about singing the national anthem, and Cody responding with the song ‘Khe Sanh’. Now we’ve included the song Khe Sanh in the School Spirit Library. Give it a look, and also, let use know if anything else needs to be included or straightened up.

Also, I’ve managed to finally start moving some of the reviews School Spirit has received over the years onto this site. You’ll find four of them under the Review link above the comic, ranging from 2005 to a recent one from just last week. None of them are from any of the big, major sites, but it’s nice to see other people taking the time to let others know what they think about your work still.

I still have three more I know about to put up, and possibly one about website design, although that one is outdated now, and it’s quite possible I’m missing one from a certain Doctor, unless I’m mistaken and he had left a certain reviewing site before he got around to it. He’ll let me know, I’m sure!