This was a nice way for a reader to help celebrate the 1000th strip milestone for School Spirit. It’s an interview concerning School Spirit released on the website Rambling On to coincide with the big number. You might recognise the name Talekyn from some of the comments below the strips. He kindly offered to send some questions across the Pacific and has now had them posted up since Wednesday his time on his Fiction and Commentary blog site. So, for a further insight into School Spirit, wander over and give Talekyn’s site a look over. The interview page itself is this link here.

Leave some nice, friendly School Spirit commentary of your own if you visit and like what he’s done. If he gives the go ahead, I might put a copy of the interview up on this site somewhere if I can clean out the cobwebs in a corner somewhere.

Thanks, Talekyn. I enjoyed thinking long and hard over the answers!