Cody on the Grass, a School Spirit portraitAfter giving quick pencil sketches of the characters a try recently, I decided to give a proper pencil portrait a go, and this is the outcome. Cody, hat on as always when not inside the classroom, sitting on the slight rise of some hill, barefooted with his toes hidden in the grass. I’m really happy with the way this one turned out, particularly as, again, there was no eraser work except for cleaning up the clean paper around the finished piece.

You’ll note that, although it’s still or proper, realistic portrait, Cody still retains the characteristic large, rounded ears, and if you look carefully you’ll see he still only has three fingers alongside his thumb on his right hand there. It may be a realistic portrait of him, but he just wouldn’t be a School Spirit kid if he didn’t have big ears, would he?

Only one pencil, an HB grade, was used in the picture, just sharpened and blunted as necessary for the various lines and shadows. The original size of the picture is only about half the size of an A4 page of regular paper, so it’s still a relatively small piece. It looks good on the wall of my shed at the moment!

Comments and questions are again more than welcome, and you can find the full sized version of this piece in the Deviant Art site linked in the sidebars.